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Vikander to "Dial M for Murder"


Apparently Hitchcock is getting quite the remake treatment lately of his classic films. Following the recent Netflix remake of his film Rebecca, now it's been confirmed that a limited series adaptation of Frederick Knott’s 1952 play Dial M for Murder, which was adapted into Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 feature from a female perspective, is in the works over at MGM/UA Television, However, unlike Hitchcock's version, the series is set to be an anthology that will apparently reset each season, akin to Fargo or The Sinner. For the first season, it's now been confirmed Alicia Vikander will star, making her U.S. television debut.

It's uncertain how much it will borrow from the play or Hitchcock's version, both of which death with a man who decides to murder his wife after discovering she is having an affair. He goes about accomplishing this by blackmailing an ex-con to do the deed. However, it's been confirmed that this new adaptation comes from the mind of Michael Mitnick, but that Terence Winter will oversee the project creatively. Winter will also executive produce the series alongside Vikander, Charles Collier, Andrew Mittman, and Lloyd Braun. Hopefully, with such a standout group of behind-the-scenes creative forces and a strong lead actress for the first season, a good new take can stand next to Hitchcock's classic as it's own unique version of the original story. Stay tuned!

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Nov 17, 2020

Fuck off! There's only one Hitchcock. Don't woke his creations please.

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