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Villeneuve Wants to Direct Bond Film


With Daniel Craig's final film as James Bond, No Time to Die, hitting theaters today, people already have their minds on what might come next for the long-running spy franchise. While plenty of actors are being tossed around as successors to Craig to star in the next iteration of the character, another discussion is who might direct it. And while No Time to Die director Cary Joji Fukunaga has already claimed he has an idea for another installment, it seems another director is interested in taking on the martini-drinking, tuxedo-wearing spy. Namely, Denis Villeneuve.

On Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast for MTV (via IndieWire), while discussing his upcoming film Dune (which is landing in theaters and HBO Max on October 22nd), Villeneuve was asked whether he would direct a Bond film or not. He responded with great enthusiasm, "Frankly, the answer would be a massive yes." He then elaborated:

"I would deeply love one day to make a James Bond movie. It's a character that I've been with since my childhood. I have massive affection for Bond. It would be a big challenge to try and reboot it after what Daniel did. What Daniel Craig brought to Bond was so unique and strong and honestly unmatchable. He's the ultimate James Bond. I can't wait to see Cary's movie. I'm very excited. I'm one of the biggest Bond fans."

However, coming back down to reality, Villeneuve did end the discussion by saying, "I don't know if such a thing would happen, but it would be a privilege. That would be pure cinematic joy." 

Villeneuve is not the only big director who has wanted to direct a Bond film including Christopher Nolan who often adds espionage angles to his own original productions. Before Fukunaga (who is the first American director to helm a Bond film), Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes directed the previous two installments of Craig's tenure (2012's Skyfall and 2015's Spectre). In any case, long time Eon producer Barbara Broccoli has said they won't even consider finding the next Bond actor until next year so Craig can enjoy his victory lap. So, if that's true, a choice for the next filmmaker is even farther away. Stay tuned!

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