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Vin Diesel Drops Debut Single "Feel Like I Do"


Well, the COVID-19 lockdown surely has brought out a different side to several creative forces and certainly has allowed stuff to happen we never would have seen otherwise. We already had Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart face off in a battle of phonetic proportions in an UberEats commercial (See it here). And now, Vin Diesel has released a pop song he's made during the pandemic, which to his own admittance he wouldn't have done if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn't kept him from working on a movie set.

Still, as shown in the preview video below when it was announced on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the song isn't half bad for a chill few minutes of your time and it's always nice to see any creative force try their hand at something new. Check out the preview of the song below along with Diesel himself giving a brief introduction:

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