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Watch: Dr. Seuss' WWII Cartoon "The Home Front" 4K Remastered


It was WWII and the US was doing anything it could for the war effort. This included, but was not limited to animated shorts that were produced by Warner Bros. and, essentially, kept the studio in business during the war. Part of educational entertainment commissioned by the US military, these shorts followed the character Private Snafu (Whose name derived from the military acronym for "Situation Normal: All F-cked Up,") who would demonstrate improper practices as a cautionary example.

The shorts were directed by the likes of Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones, written by authors such as Dr. Seuss, Phillip D. Eastman, and Munro Leaf. In addition, because the shorts didn't need to be approved by the Production Code Administration, the humor and language was even adult at times, though tame by today's standards. Yet, thanks to restoration efforts by one Adam Maciaszek, one short in particular that was written by Dr. Seuss (Known for political cartoons before his children's books made him a household name) has found it's way onto YouTube in gorgeous 4K.

Titled "The Home Front", the short sees Private Snafu alone on the front, bemoaning how cushy everyone must be at home. With the help of the wise Technical Fairy, First Class, Snafu is magically shown doing quite the contrary. Check out the short below:

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