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"Wild Mountain Thyme" Debtus Official Trailer & Poster


Taking a break from her surprising string of blockbusters including A Quiet Place (And it's upcoming sequel), Mary Poppins Returns, and the upcoming film Jungle Cruise, Emily Blunt trades fantastical for a surprisingly old-fashion romance set in the Midlands of Ireland, Based off his own 2014 Broadway play Outside Mullinger, playwright John Patrick Shanley takes on both writing and directing duties of the adaptation Wild Mountain Thyme.

The story sees Blunt as Rosemary Muldoon, a farmer who is in love with her neighbor Anthony Reilly (Played by Jamie Dornan) who is currently dealing with his father (Played by Christopher Walken) preparing to sell their farm to his American cousin, Adam (Played by Jon Hamm). Now, the skittish Anthony is jolted into gaining Rosemary's affection and saving his farm. The poster surely emphasizes this simple, endearing theme of love literally weathering anything to be together:

The official trailer has also been released today and displays itself like a film from decades ago. Light-hearted, Shanley mirrors the style he presented in his Oscar-winning screenplay for the 1987 Norman Jewison-directed film Moonstruck. Whether the film will match any of that film's success won't be seen until it's released on December 11th, but check out the trailer below:

Wild Mountain Thyme co-stars Dearbhla Molloy. Stay tuned!

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