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"X-Men ’97" Voice Cast to Attend Fan Event in 2023 Before Premiere


Animated shows take years to produce, so it seems right that fan events related to them would also be planned nearly a year ahead of those events actually happening. Course, the hype for X-Men '97, a direct sequel to the hit Fox show that ran from 1992 to 1997, is most definitely real and it's not hard to see why. Since it's original run, the show has been hailed as a pioneer in crafting mature, serialized storylines for an animated series, as well as paving the way for the 2000 X-Men feature film. Thus, it is essentially part of the foundation of what made adaptations of Marvel properties so enticing before the superhero blockbuster boom that occurred in the early 2000's that eventually led to the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As such, it's been confirmed that a massive fan event called The Uncanny Experience will happen on September 16 and 17 in 2023 in Minnesota but, even more exciting, it's been confirmed today that much of the cast for the upcoming revival (which is much of the original voice cast from the original show) will make appearances.

Some special guests have not been announced but it's confirmed that voice actors Lenore Zann (Rogue) and Cal Dodd (Wolverine), plus legendary comic book writer Chris Claremont (creator of many popular X-Men characters like Psylocke and Emma Frost), will be appearing. The most fascinating aspect is that the event is being touted with an immersive feeling by marketing it as fans getting to go to an open house for the Xavier Institute.

The original show and the constant production interferences by Fox are legendary. It was a creative effort that faced immense scrutiny and threats of budget-cutting that led to the final eleven produced-episodes having a lower-quality of animation by a different company than the first 65 episodes. And of course Fox's habit of playing the episodes of shows out-of-order. So the idea X-Men '97 could allow a return to quality Marvel animation (which has been dumbed down in recent years) is one fans are understandably ready to see happen.

A "recruitment manifesto" was also created for the event which you can check out below:

Are you gifted? Enroll in the Xavier Institute and discover your community. As the nation’s first academic center for mutant excellence, we support and advocate for those seeking to evolve their talents to ensure they reach their full mutated potential. You are cordially invited to attend the Xavier Institute’s inaugural open house event on September 16th & 17th, 2023. You have the opportunity to meet fellow mutated students and faculty while touring the campus. You may even encounter famous mutant alumni while wandering our halls or enter the Hellfire Club, if you dare. Our educational panel programming led by industry professionals in entertainment will be your guide into the inner workings behind their nostalgia-inducing creations and contributions to pop culture. Hear talks on mutant current affairs by those on the front lines of world-building. Activities include an X-cellent Vendor Market, Cosplay Contest, After Party, and more. At Xavier Institute, you will be immersed in a world you’ve always dreamed of.

The Uncanny Experience tickets vary according to what you want to witness but you can check out all options on their official site. But for those who missed the classic X-Men show that is probably the only place where the characters haven't worn synchronistic costumes and express their larger-than-life personalities without making them more grounded, than this is the event for you! Stay tuned!

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Durand Simon
Durand Simon
Oct 20, 2022

I liked the old series but bitch please...

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