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"Zack Snyder's Justice League" Could Get a Sequel...But Not Now


I know, I know. You all thought it would be over by tomorrow. But when the long-anticipated Snyder Cut of Justice League suddenly starts getting positive reviews that make it one of the best reviewed films of the DCEU (With some flat out calling it a genuine artistic vision), that tends to make people wonder...could Snyder get to keep telling his version of the DC Universe? With the new one-off, multiverse concept of storytelling that Warner Bros. has chosen to pursue with their DC properties (To the point we're getting multiple versions of popular characters), it doesn't seem so unrealistic. Snyder himself already teased a JL2 would take place entirely in the post-apocalyptic landscape glimpsed in the Knightmare sequence of BvS, but then said in recent days he was done. Yet, the film's producer (And Snyder's wife), Deborah Snyder spoke today about the possibility about a sequel when asked and her response...well it wasn't a "No":

“I mean, I think for right now, it's been such a journey and a lot of work to get here. Even when they said yes, actually pulling it off and getting it made, and doing it during the pandemic which is all remote and having so many visual effects shots. We've had our heads down, just getting it to the point of where we are now. I think what we're thinking about now is just enjoying this moment end everyone's hard work to get something impossible actually be possible here. Listen, I will always have a passion for these characters. But I think right now my head's just trying to wrap itself around the fact that we actually are here today.”

Clearly, she's dodging the question as it's obviously uncertain what could happen given how impossible it was that the Snyder Cut of this film even happened. The fact Zack Snyder got a $70 million plus budget to complete a four hour cut of his original Justice League film (Before it was skewered by Joss Whedon in post-production) is something never heard of. Filmmakers have returned to their films decades later to make new cuts (See Ridley Scott and, most recently, Francis Ford Coppola), but that was usually the first film being their version. Whatever happens, Zack Snyder can proudly say he pulled off an impossible chance at redemption and, frankly, any fan of cinema who questions studio interference with the creative process, should be happy as well, even if the film is not your preference. Stay tuned!

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