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Edward Norton Joins "Knives Out 2"


The cast for Knives Out 2 is starting to build and it's already upped it's game. Following the announcement that Dave Bautista would be joining Daniel Craig's Detective Benoit Blanc in the upcoming sequel (one of two installments set to land on Netflix), it's been confirmed today that acclaimed, Oscar-nominated actor Edward Norton has been cast. Like Bautista's casting, no word has been given who Norton will play. But, given Norton's track record (reported difficulties aside), it will be a spectacular character that the actor will give his all to. Considering also how picky Norton is with projects, it speaks highly of the sequel's story potential.

Production on Knives Out 2 is set to begin this summer in Greece. Director Rian Johnson will once again write and direct while Ram Bergman will serve as a producer. Stay tuned!

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