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Movie Fact #124 - December 19th, 2020


For the 1965 film Ship of Fools, actress Vivien Leigh was considered by producer Stanley Kramer from the beginning to star in the film as Mary Treadwell, despite initially unaware of her fragile mental and physical health. However, she took on what would turn out to be her final film. Kramer later remembered her courage in taking on the difficult role:

"She was ill, and the courage to go ahead, the courage to make the film-was almost unbelievable."

Leigh's performance was notably tinged by paranoia but it resulted in outbursts off-camera that marred her relationship with other actors. Luckily, her co-stars Simone Signoret and Lee Marvin were sympathetic and understanding. In Marvin's case that is particularly impressive given, in one unusual instance, she hit Marvin so hard with a spiked shoe that it marked his face. Now that's a strong working relationship! Stay tuned!

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