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Movie Fact #166 - March 8th, 2021


Say whatever you want about the 2009 adaptation of Watchmen, but it's hard to argue that Jackie Earle Haley wasn't a perfect Rorschach and it wasn't just because of the way the mask, using motion capture markers were put on the contours of Haley's blank mask, was used to create the character's unique ever-changing expressions. In fact, the enthusiasm of Haley in getting the role is just as amazing.

Upon hearing of the casting of Rorschach, Haley actively sought the role. His agent came up with the idea that they should do a shoestring-budgeted audition tape of Haley wearing his own "little cheesy Halloween" Rorschach outfit. Thus, all of the audition was shot in the living room and kitchen of Haley's house. The tape was then sent to the film production crew where, after Snyder watched it, immediately chose to cast him. Snyder's reason for doing so was that Haley's audition was "Very low-tech but awesomely acted. Clearly there was no other Rorschach." The fans screamed to the heavens for a perfect actor to play the part. And Haley said back, "I'm right here." Stay tuned!

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