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Movie Fact #168 - March 10th, 2021


Half of the 2016 film Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer was shot in New York City and half of it in Jerusalem, Israel. Most likely, the story's dual setting itself was inspired by the origins of the director/writer of the film. Joseph Cedar (Born Yossef Cedar in Israel). This film is actually Cedar's English-language directorial debut, though marketing almost kept to the film's split narrative setting. The original poster for the movie showed the two main actors, Richard Gere and Lior Ashkenazi, standing back to back, with Gere in New York City and Ashkenazi in Jerusalem. Though, internationally, Gere was the more well-known actor which probably explains why the poster eventually became Gere standing in a miniaturized New York City. Much like the fixer character that Gere plays, essentially the poster choice was just good business. Stay tuned!

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