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Movie Fact #27 - September 13th, 2020


2015's The Witch put writer/director Robert Eggers on the map but his choice to make it wasn't entirely a choice. It was partially due to lack of options. Eggers actually had several unsuccessful film pitches that were deemed "too weird, too obscure". So, Eggers realized that he would have to make a more conventional film though he acknowledged later at a Q&A for the film, "If I'm going to make a genre film, it has to be personal and it has to be good." This was why he decided to make The Witch. It was the best middle ground between his personal creative sensibilities and commercial viability. Born in New Hampshire, he was inspired to write the film by his childhood fascination with witches and frequent visits to the Plimoth Plantation as a schoolboy. Save to say it worked out as he has gone on to write/direct The Lighthouse (Which apparently IS very weird) which was critically acclaimed and is currently working on his hotly anticipated third feature The Northman. One we hope to give some trivia to here at Sleuth News some day! Stay tuned!

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