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Movie Fact #305 - October 13th, 2021


As an example of how cinema can reintroduce classics to newer audience, the 1979 film 10 brought renewed fame to the one-movement orchestral piece "Boléro" by Maurice Ravel and resulted in massive sales of the work. Ravel's music was still under copyright at the time and thus sales generated an estimated $1 million in royalties, briefly making him the best-selling classical composer 40 years after his death. Later on, to capitalize upon the piece's regenerated popularity, a film was produced in 1984 and was titled Bolero. The film starred Bo Derek who co-starred in 10 as the character Jenny Hanley, a role that shot the actress to instant stardom and status as a sex symbol with her look (beaded and plaited cornrow hairstyle) being much copied since then.

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