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Movie Fact #307 - October 15th, 2021


It's odd to know that when a narrative is being filmed, when a world is built that only exists in front of the camera, that it's separate from our lives. The world is spinning as the camera is rolling. For the 1964 anti-war film The Americanization of Emily that had, at the time, a controversial stance against the Vietnam War. It's tragic to know that while the party scene in the movie was being filmed, it was on the same day as President John F. Kennedy's assassination. An irony given Kennedy continued policies from his predecessor that provided political and economic support, and military advice and support, to the South Vietnamese government. A policy that was ultimately changed in support of defeating of communism in South Vietnam. So a party scene in an antiwar film was being filmed the same day a president died who was supportive of military effort. Who knows who was right, but the juxtaposition was too good to pass up. Stay tuned!

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