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Movie Fact #52 - October 8th, 2020


Hotel Transylvania may now be a series of popular films, but it didn't start out that way. It was originally created and developed by comedy writer Todd Durham. That iteration was based on the book of the same name that he actually authored. He then created the bible for a franchise of several films, television series, video games, books, merchandising, hotel chain, and theme parks before taking the package unsolicited to Columbia Pictures where it was then set up at Sony Pictures Animation. He became the first of several screenwriters on the project. While he would retain story credit (Alongside Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman), the final script for the first film would be written by Peter Baynham and Robert Smigel. And now, a fourth film is in the works, set to be released August 6th, 2021, not to mention a television show, two short films, several video games, and a dark ride that has been featured at the Columbia Pictures zone at Motiongate Dubai since late 2016. Safe to say, Durham did good. Stay tuned!

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