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Trailer Teaser: "Monsters at Work"


You know that feeling of going to school to prepare for one job, but then finding out when you graduate that your chosen profession is no longer viable. Well, seemingly that is the point of the upcoming Disney+ show Monsters at Work. While the first look photo released last week gave a shot of the main cast, particularly the show's lead character Tylor Tuskmon (Voiced by Ben Feldman), little information was given except it took place roughly six months after the original Monsters Inc. film and would switch the focus to Tylor. Sully, Mike, and other favorites from the film would appear on a recurring basis.

However, now the trailer teaser released today helps to explain Tuskmon's motivation. Namely, he was a top scarer at Monsters University but, upon coming to Monsters Inc., discovers on his first day that the company now powers Monstropolis through laughter. This forces Tylor to reexamine his goals. Check out some of that journey in the trailer teaser below:

Monsters at Work is set to land on Disney+ on July 2nd.

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